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FROM 500 Units

Size S

Silicone lid

  • top width : 8.5 cm
  • bottom width: 6.0 cm
  • Height without lid: 10.0 cm
  • Height with lid: 11.0 cm
  • volume: approx. 350ml

Size S

Bamboo lid

  • top width : 8.0 cm
  • bottom width: 6.5 cm
  • Height without lid: 10.5 cm
  • Height with lid: 12.0 cm
  • volume: approx. 350ml

Size M

Silicone lid

  • top width: 8.5 cm
  • bottom width: 5.5 cm
  • Height without lid: 13.0 cm
  • Height with lid: 14.5 cm
  • volume: approx. 400ml

Size M

Bamboo lid

  • top width: 8.0 cm
  • bottom width: 6.0 cm
  • Height without lid: 12.5 cm
  • Height with lid: 14.0 cm
  • volume: approx. 400ml
Bambus becher bedrucken Farben

Choice of colours for the bamboo cups

Our bamboo cups are available in a range of different colours such as green, yellow, black, pink etc We also offer to colour the logo, the silicone or bamboo material within the Pantone range.

Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Glühbirnen

360° all-round printing

A particularly attractive design option is 360° all-round printing. This option allows your customers to engage their creative side.

  • Design the entire surface of the cup
  • Design the cup according to your own ideas
  • Add instructions, distributer addresses and contact information to the bottom of the cup

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Ad placement

Your customer's logo

The company logo and/or slogan can be applied to the bamboo coffee mug. We do not limit the size of the font or the general printing area.
The bamboo cups can be printed with logos, contact information, advertising messages, eye-catching motifs, motivational mottos or photos. Your creativity is not hindered by limitations.

Design consultation

Your customers do not need any additional software or design experience in order to have the Eco travel mug printed. Our Planet Bamboo designers are happy to create several design proposals for you, which can be presented to your customers. All we need is the company logo and the colour scheme (if applicable).

Bambus Kaffeebecher bedrucken

3x lid designs to choose from

We offer you the choice between three different lid variants. You get to decide whether you want your Eco-friendly mug to have a  bamboo or silicone lid

When you choose the bamboo lid, you also get to pick between a sealable and non-sealable drinking hole.
You can specify the lid colour seperately.

The bamboo lid consists of the same bamboo fibre mixture as the cup and is therefore also food safe.

Custom sleeve

You also have a choice between coffee cup sleeves. The first step is to pick between the practical silicone sleeve or the enviromentally friendly felt sleeve. Then you can have the sleeve coloured with the Pantone system, and adapt it to the logo or icon.

If you opt for silicone, you can choose between 3 different variants. The silicone sleeves differ in structure and width. 

Starting from 1000 units you have the option to produce a custom mould with your logo.

We currently offer one type of felt sleeve in various colours.

Bambus Kaffeebecher bedrucken

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Customised packaging!

For each of your perfect and sustainable bamboo cups, you will receive customised  packaging free of charge.

We will gladly send you a template that you or your customer can design according to your own ideas. We will also be happy to help you with the design if necessary.

Send us all the important information that the packaging should contain, and our designer will create a unique packaging design for you.

We support the green image of your customer!

Material composition of our bamboo cups

Our bamboo cups are comprised of 74.5% natural raw materials.
45% bamboo fibres, 24.5% corn starch, 5% wood fibres, 25% melamine resin and 0.5% polyamide resin are combined during production. The result is a particularly robust mixture, which is light yet break-proof. Naturally we are aware that the 25% synthetic resin is not ideal, but the cups simply would not be robust or dishwasher safe without the resin.

Transparency and the full disclosure of the bamboo cups composition is highly important to us. Neither we, as a sustainable company, nor you as an advertising agency want a dissatisfied customer, who has grounds for complaints resulting from a  lack of transparency.

The silicone used for the sleeve and the lid is food safe and therefore harmless.
The coffee mug does not consist of 100% renewable raw materials and is therefore not 100% biodegradable.  It is still a valid sustainable advertising product due to the reusable aspect.  1000 reusable cups can save 1000 tonnes of plastic waste every year. That is quite a lot, right?

Bambus becher bedrucken Becher
Bambus becher bedrucken SGS

Consumer protection

All bamboo cups are produced according to REACH (EU regulation) and LFGB (German regulation) and passed these tests. 

You can find out more about the REACH regulation here.

You can find out more about the German  Lebensmittel-und Futtermittelgesetztbuch on the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection homepage​.

Bambus becher bedrucken Icon Gabel
Bambus becher bedrucken Icon Bambus
Bambus becher bedrucken Icon Spülmaschine
Bambus becher bedrucken Icon Stabil
Bambus becher bedrucken Icon BPA

By using Bamboo Beaker

one can...

  • Save 34 disposable coffee cups per year
  • save 0.1 kWh per use
  • Save 430ml of water per use

By consistantly using reusable cups….

  • 1.5 billion litres of water
  • 22000 tonnes of oil
  • 320 million kWh
  • 29000 tonnes of paper
  • 43000 trees
  • 83000 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • 40000 tonnes of waste

can be saved (in Germany). 

The ecological assessment is determined by comparing the production of a disposable cup with the cleaning of a reusable one.

Bambus becher bedrucken Illustration

The possible uses for eco friendly coffee cups

Bambus becher bedrucken Rosa Becher

The sustainable coffee cup enables your customers to address a large target group.  It does not matter if they are pupils, students or business people… The bamboo cup is sure to make an impression.

The bamboo cup can also help you in the gastronomy sector, as well as the hotel industry.

A hotel owner can surprise his or her guests during their stay with a reusable bamboo cup. This way the jouney is not alone in their minds when they depart, but also the logo, and thus the brand can spread far and wide.

Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Space

Customised bamboo cups for employees and customers

For the startup company Space Goats, our designer was allowed to create several cups. They chose a coffee to go cup for employees and customers. 

The Startup has chosen these two designs, and will give them away to their existing customers as well as their new ones. 

Customised coffee cups for trade fair giveaways

The company Topside commissioned us to design a simple but beautiful coffee cup for their trade fair appearance.

The result can be seen on the right photo. We already have a new order for next year, this time with sealable drinking holes.

Bambus becher bedrucken Foto Topside
Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Space
Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Topside
Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Glühbirnen
Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Space 2
Bambus becher bedrucken Becher Musik


Frequently asked questions and answers

Our products can be delivered to all EU member states.

Should your customer ask for delivery outside the EU, we will consult with our forwarding agent, and inform you whether this will be possible.

The minimum order for the bamboo cups is 500 units.

Adobe Photoshop graphic (*.psd)

Adobe Acrobat document (*.pdf)

Adobe Illustrator document (*.ai)

JPEG-graphic (*.jpg,*.jpeg)

PNG-graphic (*.png)

The delivery time to the desired delivery address (after production is complete) is usually:

For air freight approx. 1 week.

For railway freight approx. 4 weeks.

We will inform you of the estimated delivery date after approval of the samples. Sometimes short delays can occur due to bad weather or holidays abroad. If your order does not arrive on time, you can contact us so that we can find a solution for you.

Yes, express shipping is possible on the transport of the goods after completion of the order. We can import your cups by air freight express shipping, and have them delivered to you for an extra charge. Please note that we do not offer an express procedure for the production itself. We cooperate with selected suppliers and would like to avoid production errors resulting from a hasty dispatch.

Absolutely! Our creative graphic designer has the necessary experience and can give you tips and design suggestions.

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